The family

The Manara winery started in San Floriano in 1950. After three generations and with its fourth gradually joining in, the Manara family is carrying on its wine-growing tradition with passion and knowledge, maintaining the strong bond with the land that saw it originate and grow.

The bond with the land

The land lives in perfect harmony with the pace of the seasons: the vines growing cycle is our calendar and our deadlines are defined by nature.

Innovation and tradition

The search for innovation can not overlook the respect for tradition. This is the only way to preserve the distinguishability of the wines, without neglecting the incessant search for more modern and more effective production techniques.

Quality product

The production chain is managed entirely by the Manara family, that for this reason has a lot of faith in its wines. Guests are therefore always welcome to visit the winery and the vineyards, to understand and appreciate the passion and the authenticity that accompany the whole production.

Our history

Since the 1950s the presence of the Manara winery is certified in San Floriano, in the heart of Valpolicella Classica.

Guido Manara, until his passing in 1993, ran the winery with the support of his sons Lorenzo and Fabio.

When Giovanni joined in the company, the three brothers started managing the whole production chain, from the vine to the bottle.

The expansion of the winery simplified and optimized the wine-making procedures and has made possible to achieve quality wines, keeping their tipicity intact.